The current Mad Planets World Record score is 1,069,305.  Set by Austin Swann on September 10, 2016 and recognized by Twin Galaxies. Austin was 11 years old at the time of this record score!


Austin's fascination with Mad Planets began in February 2016 at his favorite arcade -- Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, Illinois.  Each time Austin visited the arcade, he played this game more and more -- and eventually talked his father into tracking down an original machine for his collection.  After some extensive searching, Austin's dad made a deal to purchase an all-original Mad Planets in Nashville, Tennessee.  After acquiring his own machine, Austin continued to practice and play the game every chance he had.


Austin still liked playing the machine that he had first encountered -- the one at Galloping Ghost -- so he continued to play there for the next few months.  Austin steadily rose up the charts and by May 2016, he held the "house high score" at the arcade with an impressive score of 258,596 points.  Next in Austin's sights was the world record score, which had been set by Jean Baudin back on September 9, 2001 -- 507,710 points.


Austin didn't give up and continued to refine his skills and strategies during the summer.  On July 10, 2016, his hard work paid off.  In front of many spectators,  Austin shattered the old record by scoring 568,893 points!  This score was then recognized and accepted by Twin Galaxies and Austin became the current world record holder!


However, Austin wasn't happy with this score.  He knew that he could do better.  Austin continued to play the game and on September 10, 2016, he had his best game to date:  1,069,305 points!



Watch Austin's World Record Game

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