• The control panel consists of one or two player select buttons, a joystick with a fire button and one spinner that allows for rotating the ship.
  • The player's ship can be moved vertically, horizontally or diagonally with the joystick.  The ship can be rotated 360 degree by using the spinner.
  • The fire button is a trigger styled switch located on the joystick.

Using a joystick, the player moves the ship around a dark starfield, trying to defeat the emerging planets as they appear on the screen.


Planets emerge at the start of each level and begin growing into Mad Planets! These planets can be destroyed prior to reaching full size with orbiting moons.  Once a planet has moons, it will be shielded until all its moons have been destroyed.


Once a planet loses all of its moons, it becomes angry and will charge at the player's ship!


Note, that if all of the planets in a round are destroyed before any of them are allowed to emerge into planets with moons, then a significant bonus number of points will be awarded to the player.


Be certain to save the floating astronauts as they appear to each extra points.  Fly over them to collect them.  These astronauts also appear in bonus rounds after a set number of rounds are completed.


Don't forget to watch out for the annoying comets that will attack your ship at any point in the game.


The fun and excitement increases with each round!


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